POLICE in Bradford have arrested a drink driver after the person was found to be five times over the legal limit.

Officers from the Bradford West Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) were out on patrol and stopped a driver for alleged "questionable driving".

Officers from from the NPT's Team were out on patrol when they stopped a driver for alleged "questionable driving".

A spokesperson for the Bradford West NPT said: "The driver was spoken with and with a suspicion the driver may be under the influence, a road side breath test was conducted and he was found to be almost five times over the limit.

"The driver was arrested and taken to custody where he failed to provide an evidential breath test.

"The driver has now been charged and will now have his day in court.

"Drink/drug driving is one of the contributing factors of the Fatal 5.

"An upcoming focus on the Fatal 5 will continue to see proactivity towards each contributing factor."