North Yorkshire Council has launched a public consultation that asks how it should spend £100,000 to improve Aireville Park in Skipton.

The much-loved park has seen some new facilities created in the last decade, thanks to the former Friends of Aireville Park, including the skate park and pump track.

However, the council says some areas such as the multi-use games area are in need of improvement.

The consultation asks which sports residents would like to see in the games area if it’s refurbished, with football, tennis, cricket, basketball and netball listed.

It will also gather opinions on other potential changes at the park including creating hard surface paths, planting more trees and replacing the footgolf course with a dedicated dog walking area.

The council has asked how much money it should charge to hire the games area for one hour (not per person), with potential fees ranging from £2.50 to £10 per hour.

The consultation report will inform the final proposals, which are expected to be published later this year.

There is £100,000 to spend on the park, which is money that has been paid to the council by property developers in Skipton as a condition of planning permission.

North Yorkshire Council said: “We are looking to develop a new plan to further improve this much-loved local green space.”

The consultation closes on April 30. You can take part here: