TWO more schools in the Bradford district will launch “School Streets” schemes designed to improve safety, as well as reduce traffic congestion and air pollution outside the schools.

The latest schools to adopt a School Street are The Academy at St James Primary in Allerton and Horton Park Primary in Canterbury.

A School Street restricts vehicle access near to a school during the busy times when children are dropped off and picked up.

The aim is to help reduce congestion, prevent dangerous driving, reduce pollution and encourage more people to walk or cycle at least part of the journey to school.

The two latest additions to the scheme will take the number of School Streets across Braford district to 10.

When a School Street is introduced, parents and carers are encouraged to leave their cars at home and walk, scoot or cycle with their children to and from school where possible.

Those who drop their children off as part of a longer journey, or can’t avoid driving their child to school, are encouraged to park safely and considerately on quieter streets a little further away from school and walk the last part of the journey.

The restrictions will only in place during term time and at times linked to the start and end of the school day. Signs at the entry points will notify drivers of the timed restrictions.

Some vehicles, for example those belonging to residents and businesses within the School Street, will be given a permit to enter and leave the area. Certain types of vehicles are exempt, including emergency vehicles, utility providers on emergency calls and blue badge holders - when their destination is within the School Street zone.

Residents and premises affected by a School Street will be notified and invited to apply for an access permit.

Implementation of the two latest School Streets is expected late spring/early summer The news of two more School Streets in Bradford comes after the city’s Great Victoria Hotel recently played host to the School Streets North Conference organised by West Yorkshire Combined Authority.

The Combined Authority has invested more than £600,000 into the School Streets programme. Across West Yorkshire 33 School Streets have already been implemented and 15 more are being planned with funding from Active Travel England. The School Streets schemes are currently funded by the council using funds received from the Government’s Active Travel Fund.