A BRADFORD man has spoken out about what how “terrifying” it is to experience sight loss.

Fortunately for Brian Palmer, 72, of Apperley Bridge, a visit to nearby eye hospital, followed by a speedy referral to Bradford Royal Infirmary for detached retina surgery, meant his sight was saved.

The issue arose when Brian dramatically lost his sight in one eye.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Brian Palmer whose eye was saved after a sight loss experience.Brian Palmer whose eye was saved after a sight loss experience. (Image: UGC)

It was while at a classic car show in Goathland that Brian noticed a teardrop shape in the corner of his right eye.

He said: “I assumed there was something in my eye but soon realised that it was under the surface, which I thought was strange. The next day I woke up to discover that I had no vision at all in my right eye which was a huge shock.”

As Brian lives within walking distance of Optegra Eye Hospital Yorkshire, he took himself in for an examination.

Penny Bush, optometrist at Optegra, said: “Retinal detachment is an emergency situation where the thin layer of tissue (the retina) at the back of the eye pulls away from the wall which provides it with oxygen and nutrients. If left untreated it can cause permanent sight loss, but getting treatment straight away can help protect your vision.

“Upon examining Brian’s eye, I could see that fluid from the back of the eye had leaked to the front, causing the teardrop he could see. He needed urgent attention and so we referred him straight to Bradford Royal Infirmary.”

Brian, a classic car enthusiast, said: “Once I was in the system it was all very quick. Within a day I was having keyhole surgery to reattach the retina, but I was still not sure at this point if the procedure would save my sight.”

Fortunately, the outcome was positive and Brian’s vision was saved.

He said: “I have a layer of oil in my eye at the moment so it’s like looking underwater, but once that is cleared I will be able to see perfectly again. Interestingly, the consultant said that the retina probably started detaching up to six weeks previously, and it wasn’t until the fluid started leaking into the front of my eye that I noticed it.

“My situation has highlighted the importance of seeking medical help as soon as possible if you notice any changes in your vision – if I had put off going to the hospital any longer the outcome could have been quite different.”