TYRES and a television were among 1,760kg of waste removed from a Bradford estate.

The Bradford East area co-ordinators' office, from Bradford Council, recently teamed up with Incommunities, West Yorkshire Police and Highways for a day of action in Ravenscliffe.

Residents were also on hand to help out with a clean-up as part of the initiative.

A spokesperson for Bradford Council said 1,760kg of waste was removed by Incommunities, including 15 tyres and a TV.

The council's Highways team also inspected vehicles in the area and 10 were seized by Highways Enforcement and West Yorkshire Police for not being taxed.

Incommunities' housing officers spent time inspecting 104 properties and identified maintenance and repair issues along the way.

Meanwhile, a family with no heating were provided electric blankets by the council's Youth Services and Neighbourhood Wardens, while the local authority's Early Help Team continues to work to support other families in the area.