Winter is coming to an end and spring, the season of renewal, is gaining momentum.

At Britannia Care there is also a great sense of renewal – a renewed commitment to their service users. The team at Britannia Care feel that it is important never to lose their focus of the Britannia Care ethos to support and promote diversity and inclusivity alongside 24/7 professional care.Bradford Telegraph and Argus: As the weather improves residents at Britannia Care enjoy the fresh airAs the weather improves residents at Britannia Care enjoy the fresh air (Image: Britannia Care)

That cultural and religious diversity is evident with the staff and residents currently marking Ramadan, while looking forward to Easter.

As well as Easter and Ramadan, Passover and Vaisakhi are also celebrated at Britannia Care.

Mr Choudrhy Inayat Khan, who established Britannia Care over 30 years ago, said: “Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Britannia Care’s philosophy.

“Here at Britannia Care we have always celebrated and recognised the different faiths and cultures of the residents we care for.”

Over the past three decades Mr Choudhry Inayat Khan has ensured that Britannia Care  has grown into a care provider with a reputation delivering top quality care to residents, often with complex care needs, from all over the country.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Mr Choudhry Khan said: “Here at Britannia Care we feel it is important to mark out each of the four seasons, but especially spring. After the long dark days of winter, spring offers us a chance to feel rejuvenated.

“Both staff and residents feel energised. Just being able to make the most of what we have on our doorstep puts a spring into everyone’s step,” added Mr Choudhry Khan.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mr Choudhry Inayat KhanMr Choudhry Inayat Khan (Image: Britannia Care)

Britannia Care is a purpose-built care home, designed and fully equipped to look after the needs of the people they care for – corridors and doors are wide, enabling the smooth passage of those who use a wheelchair or other supportive aids. There is lift access to all floors – again, designed to accommodate wheelchairs and supportive aids used by the residents.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: As the weather improves residents are able to enjoy visits to local parksAs the weather improves residents are able to enjoy visits to local parks (Image: Britannia Care)

The Britannia Care’s multilingual staff have a long history of providing care to the area’s multicultural community, with 32 years of experience, knowledge and understanding in providing expert care to a diverse clientele.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Nina ButorNina Butor (Image: Britannia Care)

Britannia Care manager, Nina Butor, added: “Spring and the overall improvement in the weather allows us to plan a different level of activity to offer our residents, giving everyone a major uplift.”

If you or a loved one requires a care provider, please contact Nina Butor, Britannia Care's registered manager, on 01274 49 48 47, at your earliest convenience to discuss your care needs.