THE parents of a Bradford teenager have spoken of how their son is bravely battling cancer after finding a lump on his neck. 

14-year-old Bodhi Rhodes, of Clayton Heights, was diagnosed with the uncommon Hodgkin Lymphoma earlier this year.

The Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College pupil is currently undergoing chemotherapy to combat the disease.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bodhi is undergoing chemotherapyBodhi is undergoing chemotherapy (Image: UGC)His parents Julie and Ian Rhodes were in shock when they were told a lump on Bodhi's neck was cancer.

"Initially, we thought it was just a cyst," they told the Telegraph & Argus.

"Then we found it was cancer and that was a huge shock because we just never expected that at all.

"It was disbelief at what they had just told us. We were a bit numb."

The teen played in the Bradford City Academy for five years and now appears on the Park Avenue books.

More than £4,000 has been raised for the family as the community has rallied around Bodhi.

His parents added: "His family and friends were shocked. They have all been really supportive.

"Everybody has been fantastic. It has been overwhelming.

"It (the fundraiser organised by Mick Frost at Bradford (Park Avenue)) has gone mental.

"People we don't even know have been donating. It is absolutely amazing.

"It blows you away when people do stuff like that."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Bodhi is a keen footballerBodhi is a keen footballer (Image: UGC)It was in December when Julie and Ian were made aware of the lump.

Bodhi was taken to the doctors and he was referred to the hospital for an ultrasound.

At the start of February, the family was told it was lymphoma.

A biopsy at Leeds General Infirmary revealed it to be Hodgkin Lymphoma.

A PICC line was installed in Bodhi's arm and he must endure two rounds of chemotherapy.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: He plays for Bradford (Park Avenue)He plays for Bradford (Park Avenue) (Image: UGC)"He has been okay so far," his parents said.

"He can still go to school if he feels up to it. They are sending him work to do at home.

"He is really missing his football. The line in his arm is stopping him from doing anything physical."

Julie and Ian are keen to raise awareness around Hodgkin Lymphoma.

"We would like Bodhi's story to make people aware," they added.

"When he first told us, we all thought it was just a cyst.

"I wish I would have taken it more seriously when I first saw it."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A four-mile walk will take place next monthA four-mile walk will take place next month (Image: UGC)Bradford (Park Avenue) under 14s Greens are planning on walking the four miles between Valley Parade and the Horsfall Stadium to raise funds for Bodhi on Monday, April 1.

At the time of writing, the JustGiving page is on £4,025.

The page reads: "We are raising £5,000 to support Bodhi, who is one of our 14-year-old players, and his family through the coming months during his treatment for Hodgkin Lymphoma.

"Early this year, Bodhi and his family discovered a lump on the back of his neck.

"After having various tests, a diagnosis has confirmed the news nobody ever wants to hear.

"Bodhi has a massive passion for football has been evident from a very young age having started playing at the age of five.

"His love for the game knows no bounds, from endless hours spent practising to unwavering enthusiasm in his game.

"However, Bodhi's journey took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with his illness.

"Despite the devastating news, Bodhi's spirit remains unbroken he is still attending school on a daily basis in preparation for entering Year 10 and his GCSE years within school.

"He approaches each day with courage and determination, determined to tackle his illness head-on just as he does in his games.

"While his football dreams are currently on hold as he starts to undergo treatment, his love for the game continues to fuel his fight."

It added: "Bodhi's journey is a testament to strength and resilience, and we all want him to know he is not he's not facing it alone.

"As a footballing community, please can rally behind him by offering our support and encouragement every step of the way.

"Whether it's words of encouragement, generous donations, or simply keeping him in our thoughts, every gesture makes a difference in Bodhi's battle against his illness.

"Let's come together to support Bodhi, the football-loving warrior, as he faces his toughest opponent yet.

"Together, we can help him score a victory both on and off the field. #TeamBodhi."