People who came together for breakfast at the beautiful Bradford Cathedral have discovered how to choose a more 'Fairtrade' life. 

The seventh annual Cathedral Fairtrade Breakfast saw people break bread over porridge served with locally produced honey, Fairtrade hot drinks, jam and marmalade for toast, cereals and freshly made muffins.

Elaine de Villiers, who helped organise the breakfast earlier this month, said: "Over 30 adults and children enjoyed a meal of Fairtrade and local items and took part in a quiz matching Fairtrade items with their country of origin. Who knew that Fairtrade roses come from Kenya and have a lower carbon footprint than those imported from the Netherlands?

"£110 was raised to support the work of Transform Trade – a charity which campaigns for fair wages and safe working conditions for tea growers and garment workers in low income countries such as Bangladesh and India.

"The breakfast was a great occasion to remind ourselves that we depend on others for our daily food."