AN INTERNATIONAL opera singer visited a Bradford primary school.

Manchester-based Soraya Mafi, one of the world's leading sopranos, visited St John's C of E Primary, on Dawson Lane, in Bierley last week.

"She performs all over the world," Jonathon McCauley account manager for Zen Educate, a social enterprise that connects teachers and schools.

"She's performed in the United States and countries like Switzerland and France.

Soraya did a full morning at the school, speaking with the children at an assembly and giving a workshop for the choir.

"Soraya was impressed by music provision at the school,” he said.

Soraya did a talk to the entire school around the idea of using the word ‘yet’ when you cannot do something: ‘I can’t do it YET!’

She shared the story of how as a student she required vocal surgery and was told not to pursue a career in professional singing.

Then after years of recovery and training, she became a professional and sang leading roles in some of the world’s top opera houses such as Glyndebourne.

Jonathon added: "Soraya is an advocate for children's access to classical music. She thinks anyone can get involved in classical music.

"She comes from a working-class background and she managed to get into the industry and get to the top.”