UK workers can bag a 10-day holiday using just four days of annual leave, thanks to a clever 'hack' involving Easter's bank holidays.

It's been three long months since the Christmas festivities, and recent data shows one in three British citizens are already planning to jet off sometime this year.

As Good Friday and Easter Monday approach, tech company Tenth Revolution Group has devised a method enabling British holidaymakers to effectively double their time off this Easter.

This hack hinges on UK bank holidays and has proved successful amongst those who get Bank Holidays off as part of their employment package and who typically work from Monday to Friday.

The key is timing.

To ensure a ten-day break over the upcoming bank holiday, workers should book the days run-up to Good Friday off work.

Beginning with Good Friday on March 29, by booking off work from Monday 25 March through to Thursday 28 March, workers can enjoy a ten-day escape (from Saturday March 23 to Tuesday April 2) with an ample period to savour a change of landscape.

For those with more ambitious plans for time off, additional days can be booked after Easter Monday.

Once Easter Monday, on April 1, is done, the following Tuesday to Friday provides another opportunity to stretch four days off to nine.

And for the daring individuals seeking a sizeable break, the combination of the two booking periods results in a 19-day stretch away from the office to spend at leisure or on extracurricular pursuits.

Zoë Morris, President of Nigel Frank, a Tenth Revolution Group company, said: "It’s absolutely vital that we all plan to take breaks, and making use of bank holidays is a great way to structure your time off through the year.

"Time away from work is an essential ingredient when it comes to preventing burnout."

"It’s also critical," she added, "for employers to really encourage their staff to take time off.

A big part of this is manageable workloads that ensure that the idea of taking time off doesn’t actually become a stressor in and of itself for employees."