A BRADFORD district retailer says it "fought valiantly until the last bullet fell".

Superfood Market (SFM), a health food shop based in Dalton Works, Keighley, has been forced to stop taking orders after 10 years.

Bosses at SFM say this is due to the challenges of the past four years proving "insurmountable".

Owner Gemma Andrews told the T&A the business has found it difficult especially since The Health Made Easy Group fell into administration in August 2022.

This meant SFM lost two out of its three wholesalers, according to Mrs Andrews.

She added that they lost a "staggering 60 per cent of our product range virtually overnight".

Mrs Andrews said: "The abrupt collapse of The Health Made East Group in August 2022 inflicted an excruciating blow upon SFM.

"Our partnership with HME was pivotal, particularly in servicing our most lucrative venture, the AUK Prime Fulfillment Contract.

"However, with HME's demise, we were dealt a devastating blow, losing access to a staggering 60 per cent of our product range virtually overnight.

"The sudden reduction from over 18,000 SKUs to a mere 5,500 SKUs has caused an unprecedented plummet in our sales, necessitating a complete overhaul of our sales forecasts.

"Moreover, the loss of critical assets such as stock, computers, and warehouse racking has compounded our anguish.

"This event stands as perhaps the single most catastrophic challenge our business has ever encountered, leaving us grappling with its profound repercussions."

Mrs Andrews also highlighted how Amazon are about to "impose a series of financial changes on their partners, with payment terms being increased dramatically".

She added that "partners (are) being expected to fund the gap in working capital themselves".

In response, an Amazon spokesperson said: “The policy to pay businesses seven days after delivery was introduced for new sellers in August 2016 and already covers the vast majority of sellers on Amazon.

“A small number of remaining sellers are due to transition to the policy, which ensures sufficient funds are available to cover product returns or customer claims.

“Sellers have been notified at least six months in advance to help them prepare, and we continue to offer support throughout this process, which includes the option to extend the transition date.” 

A statement on the Superfood Market read: "It is with a very heavy heart that we announce we are unable to accept further orders at this time.

"We would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers, team members, and friends for joining us on this incredible adventure.

"We fought valiantly until the last bullet fell, but unfortunately, the challenges of the past four years have proved insurmountable for SFM.

"Thank you for being part of this journey over the last 10 years."