YORKSHIRE Water has urged drivers not to move barriers surrounding roadworks after concerns were raised about motorists flouting road closed signs in Bradford.

Wrose Road near the Thornacre Road junction in Wrose was shut at the end of last week due to a burst water main - but one resident told the T&A how drivers had been moving cones near the barriers in order to drive through.

Today, a spokesperson for Yorkshire Water said: "The repair was completed on Friday afternoon and resurfacing took place over the weekend. The barriers remained in place until the road could be reopened safely this morning.

"We would encourage people not to move any barriers or drive through roadworks, as they are in place to protect road users and our teams who may be working in the area."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus:

Over the weekend, a resident on the road said: “This morning I saw a van driver move cones at the side of the barriers and then mount the pavement, drive over the newly resurfaced road and then drive on the pavement and move the cones again to get through to the other side.

“I couldn’t believe it. The thing is I’ve seen another car do it and then other cars proceeded to follow them through.”