A COURT heard a number of messages that were sent by friends of a man accused of murder after a fatal stabbing outside a nightclub, including one which said “his knife works mad”.

Rashane Douglas, 19, of Jade Place, Huddersfield, stabbed three people in the early hours of October 1 last year in Commercial Street, Halifax, after a night out.

Joshua Clark, 21, and Haidar Shah, 19 – both who have Bradford links – died from their wounds but Brandon Coope, 18, from Bradford survived his “incised” wound.

They had been on a night out in Maggie’s nightclub when the evening took a tragic turn at around 3.45am.

Douglas was also inside with his friends Yaseen Iqbal and Levell Clarke and CCTV has been shown in court of the defendant approaching a booth where Mr Shah is sat with his arm round a girl named Kira Hamilton.

The defendant removes his arm and puts his own around Ms Hamilton and Mark McKone KC for the prosecution said Douglas got angry because she chose Mr Shah over him.

Iqbal is also on trial accused of assisting an offender.

The court heard him and Clarke met back up with Douglas after he ran away from the scene of the stabbings and they took a taxi with him.

Clarke – who is not part of the proceedings – got out at his home but Douglas and Iqbal continued to the latter’s house.

The court heard today Iqbal messaged someone named “TR51ST” on Snapchat after the stabbings.

Iqbal said: "Man are lucky didn't go over we'd be f***** *"

The contact replied, "nah word fam, I'm still kinda para because we was with him all night", and then discussed about them being on CCTV with Douglas.

Iqbal claims he only found out that Douglas had stabbed someone just before he handed himself into police at 10.55am on October 1 after he had stayed at Iqbal’s house and denies helping him dispose of the clothes he was wearing during the stabbings.

As part of the Snapchat exchange with TR51ST, Iqbal said: "Nah think man will be calm still, didn't even know he'd shanked him 'til after bruv".

His friend then responded in disbelief that Douglas had managed to stab three people and said “his knife works mad”.

Douglas also denies a charge of wounding with intent in relation to Mr Coope but pleaded guilty to carrying a blade on October 1.

His Honour Judge Jonathan Gibson and the jury were handed the black-handle folding knife in court on Friday, in a cylindrical case, which was recovered by police in the evening of October 1 from a drain.

The trial continues.