The police watchdog has launched an investigation into contact West Yorkshire Police (WYP) had with a woman, just weeks before she suffered life-changing injuries.

Ambreen Fatima Sheikh was 30 when she was given the anti-diabetes drug glimepiride, which induced catastrophic brain injury.

Ms Sheikh was also doused in a caustic substance, probably some kind of cleaning fluid, as she was abused in the house in the days leading up to her admission to hospital.

It was initially thought Ms Sheikh, who is now 39, would die but, when her ventilator was turned off in hospital, she began to breathe for herself.

Concerns had been raised by members of the extended family, the court heard during the trial.

Two officers attended a property in Clara Street, Huddersfield, on July 12, 2015, following a report of concern for Ms Sheikh’s welfare.

Ms Sheikh was reported as being fit and well, the IOPC said.

Following comments made by the judge during the hearing, the IOPC received a mandatory referral from WYP this February.

The independent investigation will look at the nature of the police contact with Ms Sheikh prior to August 1, 2015, as well as the actions and decision-making of those involved.

'Deeply distressing'

IOPC Regional Director Emily Barry said: “Our thoughts are with Ms Sheikh and her loved ones, as well as all those affected by this deeply distressing incident.

“In light of the comments made during the recent court hearing, and the unimaginable suffering she has endured, it is only right that a thorough investigation takes place to understand the nature and extent of the police interaction with Ms Sheikh in July 2015.

“This will be carried out entirely independently of the police and consider whether there were any missed opportunities to safeguard her in the days and weeks before she was admitted to hospital.”

Who was jailed?

In a trial held earlier this month, a sentence of seven years and nine months was handed to Ms Sheikh's husband, Asgar Sheikh, 31, his father, Khalid Sheikh, 55, and mother, Shabnam Sheikh, 52.

They were found guilty of doing an act intending to pervert the course of justice and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Sentences for conspiracy to pevert the course of justice were also given to Asgar Sheikh's brother, Sakalayne Sheikh, 25, and his sister, Shagufa Sheikh, 29.