ROAD disruption in the Odsal area of Bradford is continuing into its third week.

Lane closures on several roads approaching Odsal Top roundabout are continuing to cause traffic tailbacks, particularly on Rooley Avenue.

A programme of electrical work by Northern Powergrid began on February 10 and is expected to last until the end of March.

Residents have expressed concerns about the level of disruption to their daily lives.

In the early stages of the scheme, the disruption was most significant towards the bottom of Rooley Avenue, at the Staygate roundabout end of the road.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A lane closure on Rooley Avenue

However, the main emphasis seems to have shifted to the top end of Rooley Avenue. As traffic travels up the hill towards Odsal Top roundabout, the right hand lane is closed for around 200 metres prior to the rounabout.

At 2pm on Monday, traffic was stretching back past the rugby stadium down to the Staygate roundabout, as two lanes of traffic tried to merge into one.

In the other direction, going down Rooley Avenue with the Richard Dunn Centre to the left, traffic was flowing freely, with both lanes fully open.

A lane of Odsal Top roundabout, on the side that faces the Top House pub, is also coned off too allow work to continue.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Work ongoing at Odsal Top

Traffic approaching the roundabout from Halifax Road is also being delayed as the road is down to one lane, with the same situation facing drivers arriving from the direction of Wibsey along Odsal Road.

Northern Powergrid, the company responsible for the network that powers everyday life for eight million customers in the North East, said the work would reinforce the reliability and resilience of the local power network.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Roadworks at Odsal Top

"This latest programme focuses on installing new underground electricity cables between our substation on Staithgate Lane and our substation near Odsal Stadium. The work will be carried out on our behalf, by our contractor, Excalon."