A TOWN Council has objected to plans for an accessible toilet facility next to a listed museum, arguing it is “not in keeping” with the historic building.

Bradford Council has submitted the planning application for a changing places toilet at Cliffe Castle in Keighley.

These toilets are for profoundly disabled people and include washing and changing facilities.

The application by Bradford Council says is for a toilet to the North side of the building, and says: “This is a government mandated requirement to install, in pre-determined locations around the local authority, accessible CPT (Changing Places Toilets).

“Cliffe Castle happens to be one such location.”

Cliffe Castle is the most popular Council run museum in the District.

Keighley Town Council has objected to the application, pointing out that it will appear much more modern than the museum it will stand next to.

Their response to the application said: “We object to this application as it location and proposed materials are not in keeping with the Grade II listed Cliffe Castle.”

A similar application for a changing places toilet at Cartwright Hall in Lister Park was withdrawn by Bradford Council earlier this year after its own Conservation Officer raised concerns about the modern building’s impact on the Hall – which is also listed.

A decision on the application is expected in April.