A BRADFORD MP is demanding an urgent investigation into what was branded a "scandal" during a parliamentary debate.

During a discussion on cavity wall insulation, the Bradford South MP Judith Cummins said she had been contacted by several constituents.

The Labour MP said this was after it emerged "entirely inappropriate" insulation was installed in their homes.

The MP told parliament: “Several of my constituents have contacted me after an insulation company canvassed and encouraged them to have insulation installed in the cavity walls of their homes through the green homes grant.

"They have since discovered that the insulation installed was entirely inappropriate for their properties, and they are now experiencing damp and mould.

“One constituent told me that CIVALLI—the Cavity Insulation Victims Alliance—has estimated the cost of damage to her home at about £120,000, which is substantial considering that the average cost of a home in my constituency is around £180,000.

“In pursuing compensation for damage, several of my constituents engaged the services of a law company called SSB Law on a no-win, no-fee basis.

"After SSB Law fell into administration, the lawyers of the insulation company sent letters to my constituents demanding that they pay legal fees that could amount to tens of thousands of pounds.

“This is, quite frankly, a scandal and a disgrace, as not only do they now have considerable damage to their homes, but they have to pay the additional legal costs on top.

“With cowboy companies using Government grants and public funds to install unsuitable insulation that causes damage to homes, does the hon. Member—and, indeed, the Minister—agree that there must be an urgent investigation by the Public Accounts Committee into the misuse of public funds by these insulation companies?”

“The SRA has confirmed that it is aware of many householders’ concerns and is investigating the issues raised. It would be inappropriate for us to comment further.”

In response to Ms Cummins, Hywel Williams (Plaid Cymru, Arfon) told Parliament: “My area and other areas in Wales are known as legal aid deserts, and that encourages people to seek out no win, no fee companies.

"In my area, we tend to go to Merseyside, Manchester, Birmingham and even London—these companies are uncontrollable. The circumstances she outlines are tragic and costs of £120,000 are quite extraordinary, but the damage can be very large scale indeed.”

During the debate in Parliament, Amanda Solloway, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, said: “I want to address the genuine concerns raised by the hon. Member for Bradford South (Judith Cummins).

“Claims management companies and firms of solicitors have contacted consumers offering to represent them in return for compensation for the damage caused to their homes by the installation. It should be noted that not all those companies have the consumer’s best interests at heart, and some have left consumers facing extensive legal fees. I thank the hon. Member for bringing that to my attention.”