A BRADFORD curry house owner who earns £4,000 a month has avoided a driving ban.

Mohammed Nawaz, of Flockton Close in East Bowling, was caught using his phone whilst driving on Buck Street, off Leeds Road, on June 19 of last year.

The 51-year-old appeared at Bradford Magistrates Court on Tuesday, February 6 and pleaded guilty to the offence.

The magistrates did not hand out a totting disqualification due to the 51-year-old's mitigating circumstances.

Nawaz made an exceptional hardship application highlighting the impact on his business and income a ban from driving would cause.

Court documents for part of his mitigating circumstances say he is a "self-employed curry house owner" who takes £4,000 per month.

They add that Nawaz picks up stock and takes his two part-time employees to work.

The workers help out in the kitchen and do not drive.

The documents add that if Nawaz was banned he would have to spend over £500 for delivery.

He was fined £307, and had to pay a victim surcharge of £123 and £110 in court costs.

His driving record was also endorsed by six points.

Nawaz will pay the £540 total across two monthly payments starting on March 5.