A Bradford production company has told the story of a gender reveal party with a twist in a new film.

Northern Fortress Films hopped over the Pennines to film Surprise, Baby! in Manchester. 

The film was written by Zane Igbe, the black trans-masculine writer and director behind Sweet Mother, which appeared at BAFTA qualifying festivals.

“Surprise, Baby! is a profoundly meaningful film for me as a trans man,” said Zane. 

“I am immensely proud of the person I have become since embracing my gender identity and embarking on my transition.

“My goal with this film is to inspire and empower individuals who may be grappling with their own coming-out journeys.”

The synopsis of Surprise Baby! follows protagonist, Taye, struggling to navigate a baby shower hijacked into a gender reveal, organised by their partner Serena's mother Pam. 

Little does Serena know, that Taye is about to surprise her with a gender reveal of their own.

It was made with investment from Rope Ladder Fiction, the company behind Waterloo Road, and the guidance of accomplished executive producers Cameron Roach, head of RTS North West and former head of Drama at Sky, and Diva Rodriguez, who produced new episodes of Waterloo Road.

Louisa Rose Mackleston, who founded Northern Fortress Films in 2021, said: “It was a delight for me to embark on this project, benefiting from the endorsement, assistance and co-producing Surprise, Baby! alongside Rope Ladder Fiction.”