POLICE in the Brighouse area have been focussing on road safety in recent months - with many motorists reported and vehicles seized.

The initiative saw police working in partnership with local communities and implementing a range of targeted enforcement methods.

Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) officers sporadically deployed across the Lower Valley to conduct speed checks.

Of significant note is the Day of Action held on November 21, 2023, in Brighouse, conducted between 7pm and 2am with an aim to target vehicle theft and burglaries.

As a result, several people were stopped, and a variety of vehicles were scrutinised.

One major enforcement action, referred to as the 'fatal 4 enforcement' was deployed on Bradford Road, in Brighouse.

In just two hours, around 84 vehicles were examined, three vehicles without insurance were identified and subsequently checked, and one vehicle was halted for exceeding the speed limit.

Another operation was held in Brighouse town centre on December 15, 2023, focusing on the use of mobile phones while driving.

In a span of just six hours, 32 drivers were reported for using mobile phones whilst driving.

On December30, 2023, NPT officers and other traffic officers were stationed on Russell Way, Brighouse, as part of an operation targeting drink driving.

Drivers were encouraged to voluntarily test their alcohol levels.

A total of 67 vehicles were halted and assessed by officers, resulting in one person being arrested for drug-related offences.