BRADFORD Police Museum’s ghost tours have been hugely popular, and quickly sell out.

The next one is on Thursday, February 29 from 7pm-9.30pm - taking visitors through the Victorian cells and into the courtroom, following the footsteps of criminals from Bradford’s past.

Says museum director Martin Baines: “The spine-chilling, lantern-lit evening tour includes an appearance by Chains Charlie in the dock, and eyewitness accounts of some of the strange events that have taken place in City Hall.

“Discover the fascinating secrets that lie within one of Bradford’s most haunted buildings and learn about the history of Victorian policing in the district, on the site of the original 19th century police station and courthouse which operated for a century in the city.

“Visit the cells, where Peaky Blinders was filmed, and hear about paranormal events experienced by guides, visitors, security and police officers over the years - including cold spots, flying objects, computer malfunctions, equipment infestations, foul smells, orbs and phantom figures caught on camera or glimpsed on the edge of vision.

“Author Les Vasey, local historian, former senior police officer and a member of the Society for Psychical Research, will tell the story of Chains Charlie, a former prisoner who was executed for murder in 1888.”

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