A SCHOOL in Bradford has been forced to close today due to being "unsafe".

Keelham Primary School, in Well Heads, announced this morning that the setting would be shut today in the "best interests of the safety of pupils, families and staff".

The decision was made after a site walk was undertaken and the surrounding areas were deemed unsafe.

Headteacher Robert Hunter said via Bradford Council's school closures webpage just after 7am today: "Good morning, with the best interests of the safety of pupils, families and staff, school is closed today. This includes Keelham Crew.

"The decision has been made after conducting a site walk.

"The school site and surrounding areas are unsafe."

The Keelham Crew is the school's offering of childcare and covers both breakfast and after-school - with the former running from 7.30am until 8.50am and the latter from 3pm until 6pm.

Meanwhile, Stanbury Village School, in Main Street, Keighley announced at 9.04am that it would open at 10am today due to snow.

It comes after almost 100 schools in Bradford shut on Thursday after heavy snowfall.