People who are expecting a baby have been urged to reach out for help if their mental health is worsening.

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership has drawn attention to the importance of emotional wellbeing at the earliest stage of pregnancy.

Early booking appointments mean that people with specific needs or risk factors can get the care they need, such as those with diagnosed mental illness or who are taking medication.

It also means women can get all the information they need on mental and emotional health.

Rebecca Thomas, specialist maternal mental health midwife, said: “We know that every pregnancy journey is different, but seeing a midwife early is proven to deliver better outcomes for both mum and baby.

"Midwives understand that pregnancy can be difficult for some people and that mental health can be affected.

"People who are concerned about how they are feeling or need advice about their medication should speak with their midwife, who will refer them, if necessary, to the appropriate service.

Midwives are here to help and pregnancy care appointments are safe, confidential and accessible to everyone.

"Anyone who is pregnant in West Yorkshire can find an appointment to suit them on our website Speak with a midwife.”