PEOPLE looking to fight climate change in Shipley have been awarded money for different environmental projects.

More than 70 residents gathered alongside Shipley Town Council to vote for the best initiatives in January.

It marked the first of the Town Council’s Green Grants funding. 

Seven projects were asked to present their ideas to help address the climate change emergency before a public vote.

They also enjoyed homemade soups created from produce donated though Aldi’s Neighbourly Project, which reduces food waste.

A total of three finalists were chosen to receive funding.

This included Jo Pike, who will be setting up a local sustainable food network, starting with fruit consumption from locally grown produce.

Fiz Pimperton and Jody Harris, of Saltaire WI and Little Craft House, will be offering climate focused knitting workshops and educational materials.

Rachel Clapham and Hannah Shepherd from the Garden Party Volunteers of the Canal & Rivers Trust to create a bog garden at the old Bradford spur.

In 2023, the Town Council created a £7,000 funding pot for climate action that would be open to the community, and chosen by the community.

Shipley Town Council is one of the first councils in the country to implement participatory budgeting -  where citizens are involved in the process of deciding how public money is spent.

It was a vision shared by the Shipley Citizens' Jury.

Eddie Webb, one of the jurors said: “Since I left the event I've had a warm glow.  When I set out on this journey I had no idea where I'd end up. Today was the culmination of so much effort.”