A MAN from Ilkley has been given 10 points and ordered to pay £2,000 for drug driving. 

Oliver Lock, 27, of Parish Gill Road was found guilty of being in charge of a motor vehicle with the proportion of a specific controlled drug being above the specified limit, at North Staffordshire Justice Centre last Tuesday.

He denied the offence on May 4 last year at the same court.

Lock was caught driving a black Ford Fiesta Hatchback at The Gulch Car Park, in Parkhall Country Park, Stoke on November 21, 2022, when he had seven microgrammes of cannabis by-product, Delta- 9-tetrahydrocannabinol in a litre of blood.

This is more than three times over the specified limit - which is two microgrammes of drug per litre of blood.

Lock avoided a driving ban by totting up due to his mitigating circumstances.

Court records show he would lose his job and home if he was disqualified and the magistrates found this amounted to "exceptional hardship".

His driving record was endorsed with the 10 penalty points though and he was ordered to pay the court £2,073 in total.

This included a £1,038 fine, a surcharge of £415 to fund victim services and £620 in costs.