MORRISONS teams across the UK - including in Bradford - have been working with a charity to help feed families on low incomes as the cost of living crisis continues.

Bradford-based Farmers Boy - which manufactures food for Morrisons - has provided 225,000 meals, including favourites such as cheese, sausages and bacon, to The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT).

This donated food is completely edible surplus stock.

Founded in 2016, TBBT takes the quality, nutritious food to more than 100 communities across the north of England via its network of clubs.

Mark Game, chief executive of TBBT, said: "The families we support are facing ever increasing pressures financially.

"Over half of our members tell us that they have £50 or less left of the family budget to spend on essentials such as food after housing and energy bills.

"Families are running out of options and having to borrow just to buy food or pay energy bills.

"Our food clubs provide access to affordable, nutritious food to low income households in some of the most deprived areas of the UK, helping families eat better and stretch their household budgets."

He added: "Morrisons has been one of our staunchest supporters, working alongside TBBT since its inception.

"We are delighted - and grateful - that Morrisons teams across the country are doing everything they can to support our members."

Sophie Throup, technical and sustainability director for manufacturing at Morrisons, said: "Our sites work really hard to ensure we have little no waste in our supply chains, but where we do have surplus stock or when food isn't quite to our standards for store - whether that's because the product is over or undersized or close to its end of life but still completely safe to eat - then we get these items to those who need it the most."

At its weekly hubs, TBBT’s members access three bags of food.

These comprise of fruit and veg, chilled food and cupboard staples for £8.50, enabling them to feed their families, improving diets and saving them money for other household priorities.

The charity operates 52 weeks of the year, ensuring that its 70,000 members have access to quality, nutritious food all the time.

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