A BRADFORD district cat rescue centre is helping an adorable kitten recover from a terrible ordeal.

Keighley-based Yorkshire Cat Rescue is currently caring for Ebony, a stray kitten found badly injured at the start of the year.

She had been handed into vets in Birstall and a rescue organisation was needed to take her on.

A spokesperson for Yorkshire Cat Rescue said: "Shortly after that, little Ebony came to us.

"The vets had made her comfortable and given her some pain relief but they told us that the poor baby needed extensive surgery.

"Ebony had a right leg fracture above the growth plate of her femur. Her left leg was dislocated at the hip and the left side of her pelvis had also suffered trauma.

"So great was Ebony’s pain that she needed round-the-clock care and pain relief for a few days before any surgery could be considered."

Surgery took place and went well - and now Yorkshire Cat Rescue is appealing for public donations so it can continue to help Ebony.

"Your donation will help us help Ebony and cats like her to have a safe future where they can climb and jump with the gay abandon that all kittens possess," the spokesperson added.

Donate via https://yorkshirecatrescue.org