A West Yorkshire dentist is among 18 people competing for investment in the next series of The Apprentice.

Dr Paul Midha, owner of VICI Dental, is set to put his business skills to the test on the popular BBC show.

It isn't the dentist's first appearance on television, having auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent and played an extra in a Disney TV show.

Here's everything you need to know about the local businessman as he tries to win over Lord Sugar and his team of talented entrepreneurs.

Paul, who recently opened a new practice in Pudsey, started his own dental group shortly after graduating university.

After placing a 20 per cent deposit, he acquired his first dental practice and invested every resource he had.

The move left him with just £100 in his bank account.

15 months later, the dentist saw his practice's valuation soar to £900,000—an exceptional growth of over five times its initial value.

He will be asking Lord Sugar to invest in his product-based business plan for healthcare attire.

He told the BBC: "I'm ready for the extensive learning ahead, understanding that I have much to gain, and a long yet rewarding journey ahead."

Speaking about his biggest failures, Paul said: "Every setback I've encountered has, in hindsight, played a pivotal role in subsequent successes.

"However, one significant underestimation on my part was the timeline for completing the acquisition of a dental practice, which took 14 months. While this phase was demanding, it offered profound lessons in resilience and adaptability, and ultimately made me a better businessperson."

Paul's talent for body-popping took him to a number talent shows during his youth, including Britain’s Got Talent.

The skill led to an exciting opportunity as an extra in a Disney TV show.

Rachel Woolford, who runs a boutique fitness studio, is another member of this year's Apprentice cast from West Yorkshire.

The Roundhay-based businesswoman said: "Anyone in business must work hard, but I work harder."

Further afield in Yorkshire, this year's cast also features Dr Asif Munaf, the owner of a wellness brand from Sheffield.

He describes himself as "Beauty, brains, body and business."

Sales executive Oliver Medforth is also from Yorkshire - he'll be drawing from his background in markets.

Oliver has also been busy running five retail shops for his family business.

New series of The Apprentice 

Series 18 will see Lord Sugar return with his trusted advisers Baroness Brady and Tim Campbell along with 18 new candidates. 

The new candidates will complete new tasks in the hope of winning Lord Sugar’s £250,000 investment and mentorship.

The new series of The Apprentice is set to start in the Scottish Highlands as candidates from the men’s and women’s teams are asked to organise a corporate hospitality challenge which will involve hosting a luxury away day for clients.

Success in the challenge will mean they go on to complete a host of other tasks, including a virtual escape room, creating cereals for children, discount buying in Jersey, a tourism challenge in Budapest and the return of the infamous TV shopping channel task.

When is The Apprentice on TV in 2024?

The show has been delayed, according to Planet Radio, to accommodate the new series of The Traitors which began on the BBC on Wednesday (January 3).

Planet Radio said: "Despite The Apprentice usually hitting our screens in early January, the 2024 series has been delayed by bosses to accommodate for the second series of reality show The Traitors.

It added: "It's now being reported that The Apprentice will land in February 2024."