A BRADFORD district Tory MP has said Rishi Sunak has his "total support".

Philip Davies, who represents Shipley, made the comment after ex-Cabinet minister Sir Simon Clarke called for a change in leader - as current opinion polls put Labour ahead of the Conservatives.

Sir Simon warned that his party will be "massacred" at the next General Election - which will be held in the coming year - unless the Prime Minister is replaced.

But Mr Davies urged all Tory MPs to "get behind" Mr Sunak.

He told the Telegraph & Argus: "Simon Clarke is entitled to his opinion but it is certainly not one shared by me or by the overwhelming majority of Conservative MPs.

"Post-Covid, Rishi Sunak had the toughest inheritance of any new Prime Minister since Winston Churchill, and we were 35 per cent behind in the polls when he took over.

"Bit by bit he has worked on solving those problems he inherited - for example, ensuring inflation was tamed so that we can start cutting taxes this year, and passing the toughest ever measures through the House of Commons to tackle immigration.

"Keir Starmer is seeking to become Prime Minister by doing nothing and saying nothing and hoping nobody notices.

"Rather than engaging in circular firing squads, all Conservative MPs need to get behind the Prime Minister and highlight the dangers of sleepwalking into a woke, politically correct nightmare under Keir Starmer.

"The Labour Party has bankrupted Bradford Council. Conservative MPs should be doing everything they can to stop the Labour Party bankrupting the country as well.

"Rishi Sunak has my total support."

Last month, a report revealed Labour-led Bradford Council was on the brink of effectively declaring bankruptcy without "exceptional" Government support.

Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe said the financial situation was down to 13 years of Government cuts and rising costs of social care.

During Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons today, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer accused Mr Sunak of "endlessly fighting with his own MPs".

"We have seen this story time and time again with this lot, party first, country second," he said.

"The country forced to endure their division and chaos, the longest episode of Eastenders ever put to film."

Mr Sunak said Sir Keir had provided "absolutely no ideas" for the country, adding "things are improving" under the Government.