A COUNCILLOR has been assured that the roll out of self service counters at Bradford’s libraries will not mean visitors are left without anyone to speak to.

In December, a new self service kiosk was installed in Shipley Library with the view to rolling them out in all 10 Bradford Council run libraries early this year.

A recent report into the library service in Shipley said: “As well as offering improved functionality including on-screen promotions, the kiosks will offer the ability to pay charges using chip and pin technology.

“This is expected to be a popular service judging by feedback received from a public consultation on IT in libraries.”

The report was discussed at a meeting of the Council’s Shipley Area Committee on Wednesday.

Councillor Debbie Davies (Cons, Baildon) said: “People go to libraries not just to get books, but to speak to people. They want to interact with people.

“I don’t see the kiosks as a positive, I see it as a negative.”

Christine May, manager of Bradford Libraries, assured her that the kiosks were not replacing all the staff at libraries.

She said: “Some people just want to pick up a book and be in and out. For other people who want more interaction there will still be staff there to talk to.”