WORK to improve biodiversity in parks across the Shipley Constituency will continue this year – with more wildflower meadows planned.

Members of Bradford Council’s Shipley Area Committee were told that parks officers would be speaking to Councillors in the coming months about plans to leave sections of grass in parks uncut to boost wildlife.

Nationally there is a push for parks and public spaces to include more areas where grass and wildflowers are left to grow as a way of boosting populations of bees and butterflies.

A report on the various projects being carried out in the Shipley constituency said areas of Northcliffe Park are currently left unmowed, as well as several grassed areas.

Councillor Debbie Davies (Cons, Baildon) asked whether there were any plans for such meadows in Baildon.

Damian Fisher, Shipley Area Co-Ordinator, said: “The parks manager will be liaising with Councillors to propose this, and to see what the councillors think.”

These conversations would take place in the coming weeks.

The report to Wednesday’s committee meeting said some people living near the areas left to grow wild were “not happy” with the change.

It added: “More engagement is needed on the benefits and impacts of increased biodiversity with residents and schools.”