KHALIL Alam, a dedicated and esteemed local figure, recently received well-deserved recognition for his outstanding contributions spanning two decades of public service.

On November 25, 2023, at the Police Headquarters in Wakefield, Alam was honoured with the Police Long Service and Good Conduct Award Medal by the West Yorkshire Police.

This prestigious accolade is reserved for individuals who have devoted over twenty years to the force, symbolizing their unwavering commitment and selfless service.

The West Yorkshire Police Long Service Medal, introduced in 2003, serves as a testament to the dedication and sacrifice exhibited by individuals like Alam. The medal, adorned with the crest of West Yorkshire Police, signifies a commendable journey of public service. The reverse side is inscribed with words of appreciation for the recipients’ steadfast commitment to maintaining the safety of the communities they serve.

Vice Lord Lieutenant Helen Thompson and Chief Constable John Robins presented the award to Alam, emphasizing the significance of his role in ensuring the well-being of West Yorkshire’s communities. Chief Constable John Robins expressed immense pride in being surrounded by officers and staff who have dedicated more than two decades to public service, highlighting the vital role they play in keeping the communities safe.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Mohammed Khalil Alam earning recognition for two decades of public serviceMohammed Khalil Alam earning recognition for two decades of public service (Image: Submitted)

Alam’s medal is not only a sign of his personal commitment and hard work but also a representation of what he achieved due to the help of his family and friends, the absence of which would have made this very difficult.

It should be noted that in the past Alam has received other awards in his career. Among them are the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012 and the 70th Year of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth Medal in 2022; this eludes to Khalil’s consistent outstanding performance over years.

In addition to working with law enforcement, Alam is an England Boxing Coach has had considerable impact on society. His input into establishing and running a successful sport facility and amateur boxing club at Lion Gym Bradford epitomises his commitment to promoting good physical health and discipline among young people.

Apart from that, Alam is the Secretary General of a mosque in Bradford associated with the organization Jamiyat Tabligh-ul-Islam in Bradford. He has played an important role in the functioning of the mosque, organizing Friday Jumma Prayers and contributing towards its upkeep. Khalil’s combined involvement in law enforcement as well as community service is an indication of his all-rounded approach to positively impacting on the people’s life.

Since 2013, he has been actively involved in bringing health, fitness, sports and boxing programs to young people and adults in Bradford. These programs are not just physical but have aspects of education where participants learn about anti-social behaviour such as youth gang culture and dangerous practices such drugs, weapons and knife crime. For example, he collaborates with various agencies like; homeless charities, youth services, mental health organizations, social services departments for children, schools and colleges.

Also, at the awards ceremony his achievements were further highlighted when Alam single handily detained a man who had robbed someone at knife point for which he was commended for strength of character.

Even more so at the local level, the council of Bradford city has given him an award that recognizes his role in making sure that security is a priority for a community. These accolades confirm that Alam’s service to the Bradford District as well as his work with Minorities Police Liaisons committee have been outstanding.

In response, Alam expressed gratitude and humility while referring to Muhammad Ali who was a well-known boxer. He said: “Service to others is the rent we pay to be in this world.

“Acts of selflessness count towards good deeds in the world hereafter. I am privileged and honoured to receive the recognition and I pledge to continue working harder to serve communities both within West Yorkshire and beyond.”