'POCKETS of deprivation' surrounded by more affluent areas can sometimes be overlooked, a Councillor has claimed.

Members of Bradford Council’s Shipley Area Committee were given an update on Community Partnerships taking place in the constituency at a meeting on Wednesday.

They are run by Bradford District & Craven Health & Care Partnership, and involve schemes to improve people’s mental and physical health, and reduce loneliness.

Members heard that although Shipley was often seen as one of the more affluent areas of Bradford, there were still areas of deprivation where such services were vital.

Areas of Baildon including Coach Road were given as examples of areas with high deprivation surrounded by more affluent areas.

Sarah Dick, head of community partnership and locality, said deprivation in some areas can be “heightened” if they are surrounded by areas that are seen to be well-off.

Councillor Martin Love (Green, Shipley) said it was important these areas did not miss out on funding or services just because the surrounding ward or constituency was not seen as a high priority for such social measures.

He said: “These small areas of deprivation often miss out because they are surrounded by more affluent areas.”

Mrs Dick said there were efforts to tackle issues in these pockets of deprivation.