Primary schools in Bradford district have been forced to close or open late over dangerously icy conditions.

One school said it is "simply not safe" for children while another said it was unable to open on time.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has issued its amber cold weather alert for Yorkshire until Friday (January 19).

The Met Office's yellow weather warning for snow and ice will remain in place until 12pm today (Wednesday, January 17).

The maximum daytime temperature for Wednesday in Bradford is forecast to be 0  degrees Celsius.

Here's a full list of school closures announced on Bradford Council's website this Wednesday.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Keighley St Andrew's CofE Primary School & Nursery, pictured, issued a partial closure due to iceKeighley St Andrew's CofE Primary School & Nursery, pictured, issued a partial closure due to ice (Image: Google Maps)

Steeton Primary School

Steeton Primary School is closed on Wednesday (January 17) as weather warnings for snow and ice remain in place.

The school made the decision to close the whole school due to "dangerous travel and site conditions".

It followed a visit by their site supervisor at 4.50am.

Riddlesden St Mary's CofE Primary School

Riddlesden St Mary's CofE Primary School said the site was "simply not safe" for pupils.

Despite gritting, a combination of rainfall overnight and freezing temperatures would impact children and staff safety.

The school will start late by opening at 10am but its breakfast club will be closed. 

A further update is expected on Bradford Council's school closures list by 8.30am.

A school spokesperson said: "Morning everyone. Unfortunately, despite gritting, we are unable to open on time today due to rain overnight and freezing temperatures.

"After completing a risk assessment this morning, it’s simply not safe. Therefore, we are going to delay opening until 10:00am today. Breakfast club will be closed. Once the staff team are in safely, we will reassess and do all we can to open at 10:00am.

"We will update no later than 8:30 as we are aware that people may have to make childcare arrangements. Thank you in advance for your understanding."

Keighley St Andrew's CofE Primary School & Nursery

Keighley St Andrew's CofE Primary School & Nursery announced a partial closure.

 It will be a delayed opening with school reopening at 10am.

A spokesperson said: "Despite gritting we are unable to open on time due to overnight rain and freezing temperatures. It is simply not safe."

Laycock Primary School

A full closure has been put in place at Laycock Primary School after a risk assessment found it was not safe for it to open.

Staff struggled to get into school on the icy roads today.

The school said it would delay opening until 10am while its breakfast club was closed. 

But in the latest update, headteacher Mrs J Nove said: "Having reached the school site and risk assessed the approach to school, it is not safe for school to open.

"Whilst the school site is safe, the access via footpaths and roads is not and we do not wish to risk the safety of our parents, children and staff.

"Please stay at home and stay safe. We will put some activities online for your children to access. We will be open as usual tomorrow, weather permitting. Many thanks for your support and understanding."

Parkwood Primary School

A partial closure is in place Parkwood Primary School. 

The school's opening time is delayed until 10am due to the gates not opening properly because of ice.

Stanbury Village School

Stanbury Village School has been closed to all pupils today due to ice and snow.

"All approaches by road are dangerous," a school spokesperson said.