A BRADFORD cyclist was left “fearing for his life” following what he claimed was an incident of dangerous driving on a road in the Yorkshire Dales.

James Lee, of Saltaire, said he was travelling on a bicycle on a road near Kettlewell when he was passed in close proximity by a taxi, which then forced an oncoming car to brake sharply.

Mr Lee said: “I was cycling near Kettlewell in the Yorkshire Dales when a North Yorkshire County Council licensed taxi driver left me fearing for my life with an incredibly dangerous close pass leaving just inches of space.

“An oncoming driver had to brake sharply and pull to the side of the road to avoid a potential head-on collision.

“Conditions were poor with wet slippery narrow roads and drizzly low cloud and sharp corners limiting visibility.

“In over ten years of cycling, this is some of the most life-threatening driving I have witnessed.

“With such a small margin of error, such driving could have left me with broken bones, head and spinal injuries or worse.

“In order to be visible, I was wearing high visibility clothing and running very bright front and rear flashing day lights."

Mr Lee captured the incident on a video camera and submitted it in a report to North Yorkshire Police via their Op Snap project and North Yorkshire County Council.

He said North Yorkshire Police responded saying they had taken ‘positive action’ which could include ‘educational letters, courses, training, penalty points and or fine and court attendance.’ But Mr Lee said he did not get a response when he asked to clarify what action was taken.

Because the taxi driver was licensed by North Yorkshire County Council, he also reported the incident to the local authority’s licensing department.

Although Mr Lee was not happy with the reply he received from County Council, North Yorkshire Council’s corporate director for environment, Karl Battersby, told the T&A: “We take complaints of this nature seriously. A warning letter was issued to this driver in November 2023 to remind him of his obligations.

“The matter was also referred to North Yorkshire Police and subsequent action was taken to address the concern from a roads policing perspective. In the event of any further concerns, we may consider the driver’s suitability to hold a licence.”

Mr Lee added: “All this has left with me with very low confidence that North Yorkshire Police and County Council are doing enough to protect vulnerable road users.

“Pledges to promote healthy, ecological and sustainable transport will come to little if the authorities don’t take action against drivers who threaten cyclists lives by driving recklessly.

“Following the death of cyclist, Adrian Stocks on April 2 in Ilkley last year, I believe North Yorkshire Police and the County Council aren’t taking enough action against drivers who risk cyclists’ lives by driving dangerously.”

The T&A approached North Yorkshire Police but they did not respond to a request for comment.