A TELECOMS company has been told it cannot install a 20 metre tall phone mast on a residential Bradford street.

Planners said the visual harm caused by the proposed mast on Bolton Road, near the junction with Bolton Drive, “would not be outweighed by the public benefits” of the structure.

The application was submitted by Cornerstone late last year, and would include the 20m mast with six antennas and three cabinets.

Refusing the application this week, planning officers said: “The proposed telecoms mast would be extremely visible from the row of dwellings eight metres to the South.

“The resulting overbearing and overshadowing effect would thus be deemed significant for the occupants of these dwellings.

“While the surrounding area is distinctively mixed with a variety of development, there is no precedence for telecommunications development of such inappropriate scale and siting.

“The pole would not be screened by any surrounding structures and by virtue of scale and siting, would visually overbear its surroundings. This harm is not outweighed by the public benefits.”