A POLISH man living in Bradford has been ordered to leave the UK.

Pawel Firik, 34, of Albion Road, in Idle was told he must be extradited from the country, at Westminster Magistrates' Court last Thursday.

Poland issued a warrant for Firek to be arrested and sent to the country in relation to an assault, according to court records.

The 34-year-old's extradition was ordered on conditional bail.

The conditions included living and sleeping at his UK home address and an electronically monitored curfew between 11pm and 3am each day.

His passport was retained by police and he was forbidden from applying for international travel documents or to be in possession of any.

Firek must also keep a specified mobile number switched on, fully charged, and in his possession 24 hours a day.

A sum of £1,000 was lodged with the court - this is known as a "security" and is used to ensure reappearance.

Firek was also ordered to pay costs of £100.