POLICE are investigating after £200,000 of materials stolen in a commercial burglary were found on a flat bed truck in Bradford.

The Bradford South Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) discovered the truck with stolen goods on Lymington Drive, in Holme Wood earlier in the week.

A spokesperson for the Bradford South NPT said: "On January 2, the team located a flat bed truck on Lymington Drive which had been involved in a commercial burglary where approximately £200,000 of materials had been stolen.

"The vehicle was seized and the stolen property returned to its owner.

"Enquiries are still ongoing with regards to the persons responsible."

The next day, on January 3, the NPT stopped another vehicle on Oddy Street, in Tong.

Officers searched those in the van for drugs and theft offences.

Inside the vehicle they discovered a motorbike, which was seized by the force and is now being investigated.

A spokesperson for the Bradford South NPT said: "The team stopped a suspicious van on Oddy Street and had cause to search its three occupants for drugs and theft offences.

"Inside the van a motorbike was found and seized.

"The occupants are now under investigation for handling stolen goods whilst the vehicle is examined."