A HOMELESS paedophile has been jailed for breaching sex offenders’ rules yet again.

Kevin Kenyon, of no fixed abode, was sentenced at Bradford Crown Court on Tuesday (January 2) for failing to comply with the notification requirements of the sex offenders register twice.

The 44-year-old was convicted in 2011 of sexual activity with a female child under 16 and received a three-year prison sentence.

There was also an obligation to comply with the sex offenders register requirements for life as part of the sentence as well.

Kenyon appeared in custody at Leeds Crown Court on October 18 last year for two offences of breaching the sex offenders register requirements.

He received a community order of 18 months, with 40 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days.

Recorder Anthony Hawks said: “No doubt it was urged on your behalf, you had been in custody, you had learnt your lesson.”

But Kenyon had done “absolutely nothing” to comply with that order, apart from turning up uninvited to the probation service on two occasions, the court heard.

Recorder Hawks said: “It goes further than that, less than a week from being released from prison and being made subject of an order, you committed a further breach on the sex offenders register on October 23.

“On bail from that, you committed another breach on December 21.”

Kenyon was homeless at the time, meaning he was supposed to go to the police station every seven days under the requirements.

But he failed to do so on two occasions.

The 44-year-old’s defence lawyer said Kenyon became homeless in 2017 and it was then that he began struggling to meet the requirements.

He added that Kenyon “still managed most of the time to make the police station every week” but his situation “almost inevitably” leads him to missing occasional appointments.

The court heard that “prison has been tried quite a lot” and this had resulted in a cycle of homelessness.

Recorder Hawks said: “I appreciate that you are a man with difficulties, particularly with regard to accommodation, but it goes without saying when someone is put on the sex offenders register for life, that is a serious matter.

“And people subject to those requirements are expected to comply with them and you have not.”

Kenyon has appeared before the courts for breaching the sex offenders register requirements with “monotonous regularity” since leaving prison for the sex offence, according to the judge.

Recorder Hawks said: “He seems to be incapable of complying with the sex offender register requirements, I’ve lost count of the amount of times he has breached it.”

The judge sentenced him to a total of 12 months in prison.

The sentence was also for a charge of failing to surrender to police or court and breaching bail.

Recorder Hawks said: “You’ve got to understand, unless you break the cycle of breaching these requirements, you will just end up going to prison for periods of time for the rest of your life.”