One of the smallest museums in the UK is situated right here in West Yorkshire and even better, it’s been featured in the ‘UK’s most captivating tiny tourist attractions’ list by The Times.

Warley Museum located near Halifax often has new displays inside for visitors to explore but what exactly makes it a “tiny tourist attraction?”

Well, the museum is set within a red telephone box found in the centre of Warley village.

The popular spot featured along the likes of Wales’s smallest cinema and a grade II listed model village in Gloucestershire.

The Times explained: "Take a literal mini-break with our pick of the UK’s best pint-sized places to visit which are tucked away in some of the country’s most scenic corners.

"Whether looming over a tiny village in the Cotswolds or taking a seat in a train carriage cinema, you’ll feel like Gulliver discovering Lilliput."

But what’s so special about Warley Museum? Let’s find out.

Why is Warley Museum one of the ‘UK’s most captivating tiny tourist attractions’?

Warley Museum was officially opened on Saturday, October 8 in 2016.

The publisher commented: “While most rural red telephone boxes now merely house a defibrillator, the residents of Warley put a museum inside theirs.

“The curators Paul and Chris Czainski mosaicked the floor and etched scenes from local history into its glass panels.

“Displays inside the space change regularly and include artefacts and curios donated by villagers (free;”

It added: “As visits are necessarily brief, you’ll have plenty of time left to explore Norland Park, which looks especially lovely when covered in heather during summer.

“Stay in one of the elegant rooms at Hebden Townhouse in nearby Hebden Bridge, a town known as the setting for the BBC drama Happy Valley and for its thriving arts scene.”

You can find out more about Warley Museum here.

7 of the UK’s most captivating tiny tourist attractions

  • La Charrette, Gower, Swansea
  • Bourton-on-the-Water Model Village, Gloucestershire
  • The Little Prince, Margate, Kent
  • Hermit’s Castle, Achmelvich, Highland
  • Warley Museum, Halifax, West Yorkshire
  • The Church of the Good Shepherd, Lullington, East Sussex
  • Wollaton Hall, Nottingham

Warley Museum is situated in the centre of Warley village, at The Maypole Inn.

The museum is open from 8am until 4pm.