LOW Carb Skipton is delighted to announce the visit this month of Ivor Cummins, who will present talks on Our Disastrous Diet and what to do about it.

How many of us understand that public health is deteriorating? The glorious post-war days when life expectancy steadily improved so much that pension funds were stretched to the limit have come to an end. The reality is that life expectancy is now staring to go into decline. For some sectors of the population, such as middle-aged men, it is especially marked.

The incidence of Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) and obesity continues to increase. As these are recognised risk factors for many of the common chronic diseases, the prospects for public health are very bleak indeed.

It’s not only diabetes and obesity. For example, during the 1960s, the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease was estimated as two per cent in people over the age of 85. By 2009, this value had increased to 50per cent. Even if some of this can be attributed to increased detection and awareness, it remains a staggering change. In addition, it was reported that in 2009, Alzheimer’s Disease was found in 10per cent in those aged over 65 and in 20per cent of those aged over 75.

It is obvious that this has implications for individuals who are concerned about their own health and that of their families, especially the children.

It will also especially relevant to the business community. Many companies have policies directed at the health of their staff. As most of these are based on the official advice from governments and the health professionals, they are unlikely to be effective. Regrettably, there are numerous anecdotes of senior executives who comply with the official guidelines on Healthy Eating and take plenty of exercise but who experience a heart attack.

We now know that the food consumed is one of the most important factors which determines the quality of health. Unfortunately, much of the current food available is in direct conflict with a genuinely healthy lifestyle.

When we go shopping, a significantly high proportion of foods on offer contains sugar and refined carbohydrates. What is less well known is that many foods also contain linoleic acid (LA), which is an omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) at levels that must be regarded as toxic. LA is the main constituent in ‘seed oils’ such as sunflower oil, safflower oil, and corn oil.

Furthermore, recent investigations have established that the extensive processing used to mass produce so many modern-day foods is directly responsible for increased consumption, which contributes to the development of obesity.

One of the fundamental issues is that the official recommendations result in poor nutrition. We are told that we must “base our meals on carbohydrates” even though this may result in T2D. Similarly, the seed oils are promoted because they will “lower cholesterol”.

Gradually, people are appreciating that that they must take responsibility for their own health and that of their families. It is especially important for the children.

There is much confusion and misinformation about food and health. We certainly cannot rely on the advice from government and the health professions. We need independent sources that provide authoritative information and advice on how to devise diets that are consistent with good health.

Ivor Cummins is coming to Skipton at the end of January to speak at several events. Ivor has a degree in Biochemical Engineering and has spent 30 years in corporate technical leadership positions. His career speciality has been leading large worldwide teams in complex problem-solving activity.

Since 2012, Ivor has been intensively researching the root causes of modern chronic disease. A particular focus has been cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. He shares his research insights at public speaking engagements around the world, revealing the key nutritional and lifestyle interventions which will deliver excellent health and personal productivity. He recently presented at the British Association of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation and the Irish National Institute of Preventative Cardiology annual conferences.

Ivor is recognised as a world authority on nutrition and health. He has developed close working relationships with people all over the world. His website has detailed interviews with many of the leading personalities in the field, which means he has a unique understanding of ‘Healthy Eating’. For more about Ivor go to his website, thefatemperor.com

* Ivor Cummins will be at The Elsworth Mill, Skipton, on the evening of Friday, January 26, to make a presentation on:

‘What you really need to know about Healthy Eating’. This will be followed by a meal and discussion.

The next morning, Saturday, January 27, he will speak at a meeting in The Rendezvous Hotel, Skipton.

* For further details about these events email Verner Wheelock at: verner.wheelock@vwa.co.uk