A 74-year-old Bingley man has been given a suspended jail sentence after he downloaded dozens of indecent images of children.

John Ayers, of Kent Road, pleaded guilty to three charges relating to the making of indecent images of children following a police investigation in 2022.

Judge Ahmed Nadim said it was tragic that Ayers, who will be 75 in a few weeks time, was appearing before Bradford Crown Court on such serious offences at his stage of life.

The court heard that police acting on intelligence information carried out a search at Ayers’ home and seized three electronic devices.

Judge Nadim said it was concerning that Ayers continued to resist the suggestion that he had a sexual interest in, or derived gratification from, the images.

“That protestation on your behalf is difficult to accept bearing in mind that the indictment spans a period of some 10 years,” the judge told Ayers.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The case was heard at Bradford Crown CourtThe case was heard at Bradford Crown Court

“You will understand that the making of these images involved the exploitation of young and vulnerable children. 

“They are subjected to pain and humiliation in order to satisfy the improper and perverted sexual interests of men such as you.”

Judge Nadim said by accessing the images online, Ayers had helped to create a demand which resulted in further exploitation of children.

But the judge concluded that the defendant’s age, his previous good character and lack of any further offending meant he was someone who could be rehabilitated.

“Accordingly it is not necessary for me to deprive you of your liberty immediately,” he told Ayers.

The judge sentenced Ayers to eight months in jail, but the sentence was suspended for two years.

As part of the sentence Ayers will have to comply with 40 rehabilitation activity requirement days which includes a sexual offender programme.

For the next 10 years Ayers will have register as a sex offender with the police and he must also comply with the terms of a sexual harm prevention order the same period.