OFFICIAL figures have revealed how much rain fell in Bradford last year.

According to the Met Office, the station in Bradford recorded 1,055.4mm of rain in 2023.

The rainfall record for that station was 1,300.4mm in 1903.

The Met Office said West Yorkshire as a whole recorded 1,163.7mm of rain in 2023. 

This places 2023 as West Yorkshire's fourth wettest year since records began in 1836, according to the Met Office.

In West Yorkshire, the year 2012 saw 1,267.6mm, 1872 saw 1,232.9mm and 2000 saw 1,207.0mm of rain.

According to provisional figures released by the Met Office, 2023 was the second warmest on record in the UK.

As well as being much warmer than average, 2023 was also wetter than average in almost every area of the country apart from western Scotland.

Mike Kendon, Met Office senior scientist, said: "Climate change is influencing UK temperature records over the long-term.

"While our climate will remain variable, with periods of cold and wet weather, what we have observed over recent decades is a number of high temperature records tumbling.

"We expect this pattern to continue as our climate continues to change in the coming years as a result of human-induced climate change."