Chris Chamberlain, CEO of the Bradford Bulls Foundation, has reflected over what the Foundation has achieved throughout 2023.

He said: “On behalf of the Bradford Bulls Foundation, I extend warm wishes for a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.”

“As we approach the conclusion of another impactful year, I am honoured to share the remarkable achievements and milestones that the Bradford Bulls Foundation has accomplished in 2023.

“We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support from our community, stakeholders, and partners, without whom these successes would not have been possible.”

Chamberlain’s reflections on the year can be viewed below:

Reflecting on 2023:

Community Impact: Through our diverse range of programs and initiatives, we've significantly impacted the lives of individuals in our community. Whether through sports, education, or outreach, our Foundation has been a catalyst for positive change and inspiration.

Strategic Collaborations: Meaningful partnerships with local organisations, businesses, and stakeholders have strengthened our presence and expanded the reach of our initiatives. These alliances have allowed us to maximise our impact and address the evolving needs of our community.

Team: The dedicated efforts of our staff and volunteers at the Bradford Bulls Foundation have been exceptional. Their unwavering commitment and innovative approaches have been pivotal in our achievements, and I am immensely proud of each team member's contributions.

Key Achievements in Numbers:

  • Over 25,000 individuals in the community have been reached by our Foundation in 2023, positively impacting a diverse spectrum of lives.
  • We've successfully executed more than 55 community-focused projects, each contributing to the well-being and development of those we serve.
  • Engaging with over 50 educational establishments across Bradford has been a highlight of our outreach efforts, fostering valuable collaborations within the academic community.

Growth in Rugby League:

  • Physical Disability Rugby League and Learning Disability Rugby League have both seen remarkable growth, emphasising our commitment to inclusivity and accessible sports opportunities.
  • The Women's Rugby League's expansion remains a focal point, contributing to increased female participation and empowerment within the sport.
  • The Bulls wheelchair team making Sedbergh Leisure Centre their home ground has attracted more players, volunteers, and sponsors, supporting the growth of Wheelchair Rugby League.
  • The Bulls Talent Pathway's remarkable growth, with 198 actively participating players, has paved valuable opportunities for talented individuals within our community. Booking for 2024 is now live and accessible via this link.
  • Luvabulls, the official dance and cheer group of the Bradford Bulls Rugby League, has experienced significant participation growth. Consequently, the foundation has acquired a designated dance facility in the city centre for training and development. To book sessions with the Luvabulls, visit here.


  • As we reflect on the successes of 2023, our heartfelt gratitude extends to all our partners and sponsors for their continued support and contributions. Your unwavering commitment to our mission has been pivotal in our achievements, enabling us to create lasting change in the community.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

Our vision for 2024 is to build upon the successes of the past year and continue being a beacon of positive change in our community. Key focus areas include:

  • Programme expansion to ensure inclusivity across all abilities and backgrounds in rugby league participation.
  • Forming innovative partnerships with organisations sharing our vision of positive change in Bradford.
  • Enhanced outreach efforts across all BD postcodes to ensure broader accessibility to our projects.

Finally, next year marks the Foundation’s 20th anniversary, symbolising two decades of unwavering commitment to our community's well-being.

The plan is to celebrate this milestone by organising special events and initiatives that embody the spirit, diversity, and resilience defining the Bradford Bulls Foundation.