A BRADFORD woman and her family have been left shaken after lightning struck her house - causing extensive damage.

Michelle Potterton was at home on Dewberry Close, Horton Bank Top, with her daughter and grandchildren last night when the "scary" bolt hit.

The 56-year-old has now spoken to the Telegraph & Argus and taken us around her house to show some of the damage caused by the lightning. 

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Blown electricals in Michelle's house as a result of the lightningBlown electricals in Michelle's house as a result of the lightning (Image: Mike Simmonds/Newsquest)

Michelle said: "It must have been around 8pm - I was downstairs in the living room having my tea, and my daughter Codie and my grandkids were upstairs watching TV.

"All of a sudden there was a big bang and a big flash.

"All the lights went out, it blew my TV up, it blew all the plug sockets out, plaster came off the walls and flew over the room - narrowly missing me.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Some of the plaster forced from the wallsSome of the plaster forced from the walls (Image: Mike Simmonds/Newsquest)

"It blew my garden table to smithereens.

"There were bits of glass and tree all over the garden.

"There was like an explosion in my garden - loads of mud plastered my windows and walls."

'It was shocking and scary'

Electricians came out within the hour to assess the situation and Michelle was able to stay at the property.

"My grandkids had to be taken home as they were understandably shaken - we all were," she added.

"They were scared the lightning was going to strike again."

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: The TV and Wi-Fi need to be replacedThe TV and Wi-Fi need to be replaced (Image: Mike Simmonds/Newsquest)

Michelle said a big clean-up operation and repair work had now started.

Things like her TV and Wi-Fi will also need to be replaced. 

"It was a shocking and scary experience," she said.

"It was crazy weather.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Syeed Hussain's picture shows the lightning in Bradford's skies Syeed Hussain's picture shows the lightning in Bradford's skies (Image: T&A Camera Club)

"It came on all of a sudden.

"Usually I love storms and I stand outside watching them. 

"I'm glad I wasn't outside watching this one - things could have been a whole lot worse."

Despite being shaken, Michelle said: "Everyone is OK - and that's the main thing."

"Everything else can be repaired and replaced," she added. 

Last days of 2023 to be unsettled 

Telegraph & Argus readers have been sharing their pictures of the lightning - and commenting on it on our Facebook page.

One Bradfordian said they counted three strikes.

"It was pitch black until the lightning lit the sky up," said a resident from Tyersal.

Other residents remarked on how unusual it was to see lightning during the winter months.

According to the Met Office, the final days of 2023 are forecast to be unsettled - with more strong winds and rain expected across the UK.

Some snow could also fall across higher ground.