DRIVERS navigating a busy roundabout could be “dazzled” by the headlights of cars parking at an EV filling station – according to highways officers.

Bradford Council has refused a planning application by the Motor Fuel Group to create a new electric car charging zone at the Cross Lane Service Station at Westgate Hill Street in Tong.

Eight charging bays would have been installed at the side of the site closest to the roundabout, and the development would require the felling of three trees on that land.

The Council’s Clean Air team had supported the plans, but highways offices said the application was missing important details.

They said: “To avoid drivers on the highway being dazzled by headlights from vehicles being charged, the proposal should include a solid barrier/wall and details i.e. type and height, should be demonstrated on plan.”

And planning officers said the works – including removing trees close to a busy highway “would remove the open and green characteristic of this area.”