A GENEROUS little girl from Bradford gave up her Christmas Day morning to help the homeless.

Working alongside her family, six-year-old Poppy-Leigh Craven visited the city centre on Monday morning to offer food to the less fortunate.

Her mum Leanne said: "Poppy-Leigh suggested this to her dad a while ago. 

"She said she felt sorry for people not eating on Christmas Day - this upset her.

"We provided all food and Poppy's older sister Stacey Craven provided all Tupperware cups and cutlery. 

"Stacey runs her own cafe in the Keighley area called Charlie's Cafe - Stacey has also fed the less fortunate and her younger sister has definitely taken a leaf out of her book."

Leanne made three slow cookers' worth of food to give out.

Bread and butter, mince pies, and hot drinks were also offered.

"One lady didn't want to come out of her tent and Poppy didn't want to leave her out, so she kindly left food outside for her to eat when she was ready," Leanne said.

She added: "We are extremely proud of Poppy - she was thrilled when the people she had fed passed comment on how lovely her food was.

"She's a very thoughtful and caring little girl.

"Everyone's so very proud of her."