A call for a Yorkshire city to help rescue the 2026 Commonwealth Games has fallen at the first hurdle.

Sheffield Councillor Minesh Parekh put forward the idea at a meeting of Sheffield City Council’s economic development and skills policy committee on Wednesday in a written question. He was told that the government has already vetoed the idea of a UK rescue bid.

Reports suggest the games may be under threat after Australia’s Gold Coast withdrew its bid to host the event due to the prohibitive costs involved. So far no alternative has been found.

It comes after Sheffield had huge success with co-hosting the Women’s Euros football tournament in July 2022.

Coun Parekh asked: “With Australia pulling out of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games, and Sheffield’s recent track record in hosting major events and sporting tournaments, and media speculation about a cross-Northern city rescue games – with Sheffield hosting the swimming – will the committee investigate the possibility of Sheffield supporting a rescue bid to rescue the games?”

A response from committee chair Coun Martin Smith said: “The British government has told Commonwealth Games organisers that the UK will not step in to rescue the event after the Gold Coast withdrew its bid for the 2026 event.

“Substantial UK government support allowed Birmingham to step in to deliver the 2022 Games and this funding is not being made available again for 2026. It is therefore not financially viable for local authorities, including Sheffield, to deliver the games without government support (the costs of which were estimated at c£1 billion).”