A FAMILY has been left outraged after they found a grave had been destroyed via social media platform TikTok.

Images show an Audi and Skoda in the grounds of Scholemoor Cemetery on Necropolis Road in Lidget Green.

Bradford Council said it is aware of the crash and said one vehicle left the access road, causing damage to existing graves.

In the video, the Skoda is pictured on top of a grave.

A Council spokesperson said the authority is trying to contact the owners of the graves to notify them and gain repair costs from the drivers involved.

West Yorkshire Police told the Telegraph & Argus the incident was a damage-only collision.

One of the gravestones belongs to Margaret Cawley who sadly passed away in 2014 at the age of 58.

Mrs Cawley's family, originally from Ireland and now living in Bradford, have spoken of their anger following the incident.

They found out what had happened through a viral TikTok video.

Speaking to the Telegraph & Argus, they said: "We found out after seeing the TikTok video this morning. It is ridiculous.

"You can see her name on the tombstone. Shock isn't even the word, I was unbelievably angry.

"Two cars crashed into each other and destroyed my mum's grave and my aunt's (who died two years ago) which is next to it.

"The car is on the grave and the headstone has been knocked off."

The video shows the Skoda, with severe damage to its side, on the grave. The front of the Audi is also damaged. 

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: “We understand that two cars collided within the cemetery which resulted in one of them leaving the access road and causing damage to existing graves.

"The Bereavement Service team is seeking to contact the grave owners to notify them of the damage and assist them in recovering the costs of any repairs from the drivers involved.”