A YOUTUBE sensation who marked 2023 as a year of ‘change’ is excited about the prospects for 2024.

Danny Mei Lan Malin, the face of Rate My Takeaway, was one the stars at the Broadway Bradford’s Christmas light switch-on, but that wasn’t the only success he saw this year.

The Barnsley-born star got married and welcomed a baby girl this year, all while touring the UK reviewing food places.

In June, the Telegraph & Argus reported how Danny had married Sophie Mei Lan Malin, a belly-dancing Britain’s Got Talent contestant, in a Yorkshire-themed ceremony streamed online to their adoring fans.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Danny Malin married Sophie Mei Lan in June 2023.Danny Malin married Sophie Mei Lan in June 2023. (Image: UGC)

Danny said: “I’ve just got back from Germany where I was reviewing the kebabs and the Christmas markets and it’s something else.

“Their kebabs are so different - the meat, the sources, and the salad, it’s nothing like what you get here.

“It’s great that Rate My Takeaway has continued to grow, and I have opportunities like this where I can travel around the world and review food.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Danny and his daughter at a Christmas event Danny and his daughter at a Christmas event (Image: UGC)

Though he’s visited the streets of New York rating and reviewing the best food spots, Bradford is one of his favourite places to visit.

He described the people as some of the best out there and the food scene as ‘credit to the city’.

“I just love Bradford, I absolutely love Bradford.

“The food scene in Bradford is like nowhere else, you have so many curry houses, and if you get a lamb on the bone curry, it will taste different from each place, the texture, the flavour, the consistency.

“Bradford has such a diverse amount of food, burgers, kebabs, chicken places, curry houses.

“I’ve tried so many places and I can’t remember which is my favourite but the kebab from the market that was good.”

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Danny Malin reviewing Pearls Tearoom, Bradford Danny Malin reviewing Pearls Tearoom, Bradford (Image: Youtube)

Danny now knows that a trip to Bradford will take longer than an average review, as people are always up for a chat.

“Some people give Bradford a bad reputation but the people from Bradford are some of the nicest people you’ll meet.

“A review usually takes me between 45 minutes to an hour but when I’m in Bradford it can take anything between an hour and a half and two hours, because people want to talk, and I’ve got so much time for them.

“It’s honestly one of the greatest places to go.”

Over the past couple of years, Danny has had the privilege to do what he loves and run with it which has led to some incredible moments.

When asked about his strangest encounter, he said: “I was walking along Santa Monica Pier with my table and chair and a man saw me and he was from China, and he was hysterical.

“He had been in LA all of two hours and he told me on the flight over he was watching my videos and now he’s bumped into me.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: Danny and his wife Sophie at International in Bradford Danny and his wife Sophie at International in Bradford (Image: UGC)

“It was a bit weird but also really nice.”

Danny has had a busy couple of months recording his third Christmas single which he hopes will overtake the first one he ever did.

“This one has had the most time and work put into it, it’s definitely the best of the three that I’ve done, and I want it to beat the first one, but I don’t think it will, I had just gone viral when that came out and I had a lot of followers.”

This year’s video features more spots from across Yorkshire, including The Broadway Bradford, White Rose Shopping Centre and the Emmerdale village.

Along with all his online success, Danny has also become the director of LDC, a Yorkshire radio station on which he already hosts shows.

Initially, he went on the station a couple of years ago to talk about his Christmas song and ended up talking for well over the allotted time and was asked if he wanted to present a show.

Now with his wife, Mr and Mrs Yorkshire host a show on LDC together.

He said: “It’s great to become a director of the radio station and help take it further.”

Danny is using his online presence to bring more people to the radio station.

“If you see something on your phone on a morning then your more likely to listen to it when you get in your car.

“With radio people recognise your voice and they could be listening for years but they don’t know what you look like, being on social media takes that mysteriousness away.”

Danny is excited to see what the new year brings and hopes to rate and review many more places across the globe.